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everything is possible in this world but with different ways. some knows and some don't but sure possible.
1. I have an idea that if we download any NIKON Coolpix firmware and open it in notepad and change its programming. To change its programming we can took idea from CHDK Script of any CANON Point & Shoot camera. And through follow those commands and use our brain then might that be very useful but first we need to search and deep study of any NIKON COOLPIX Firmware.

2. If this is not possible then we can download programme (NX2 for Installing in Computer) used for Nikon Coolpix data transfer and we can use so many other functions in it. So we can change this software programme like CANON CHDK functions and put it in there and connect our NIKON camera with this software via Computer. Then it might be possible we can use all the CHDK functions with this programmable software for NIKON COOLPIX.

3. Or we can make a little software with fully loaded CANON CHDK functions and use it with NIKON COOLPIX via computer. we can adjust shutter speed values. Exposure Settings. and So many.

These are just ideas because i am curious that we can HACK NIKON also for positive use and for fun and for great photography experience. And that is also enjoyable for poor people.

good luck


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